Saturday, 17 July 2010

Fairness, Tax and Uni

This my first post in over a year, so sorry for the interruption, but I want to start to do this again more regularly.

The coalition has been interesting to watch in its first few months of government and the interactions between the parties as well as the new policy agendas have intrigued me. I was however initially opposed to the coalition and there are certain areas I disagree with.

As you can guess from the name of the post I will address one now:

Vince Cables proposed graduate tax.

As an old teacher once said,

"If your solution to a problem is to propose a tax, you do not understand the problem"

Now I must declare an interest here I am a graduate, therefore I have an interest in this topic, however I have already paid for my tuition through student fees I also currently have a student debt of around £13,500. If I am to pay a surcharge on to the 40% tax I already pay on my earnings (20% Income Tax, 11% NI, 9% student loan repayaments) it will be very difficult for me to live.

However I have already paid so the tax does not affect me. If I have to pay this tax as well, I would have to find some way of avoiding or evading it.

This tax does not solve the problem our university system faces - too many 18 years old believe it is there right to go to uni. Take this BBC headline

University "denied to thousands" BBC News 16th July

This headline sounds extreme to be as though people as being denied a right

Free Speech "denied to thousands" or Primary education "denied to thousands", is a sensible headline. University education is not a right

I am going to return to this topic over the next week adding my own proposals for higher education and my fundamental disagreements with the policy.

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