Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I am a great believer in coincidences having explanations which are not explainable.

There are some days when events make a decision the right one. Yesterday was one of them.

After deciding to blog again I had two conversations which I wanted to share.

The first was with the student loans company. They wanted some information about me on a paper form.

Me "That's not very secure, is there an Internet form or something?"
SLC "Are you worried about what we will do with the information?"
Me "No I am worried you will lose it"
SLC "Well, you don't have to put your NI number on the form"
Me "You've already printed it on there"
SLC "Fill in the form and send it in"

Secondly I went to Barclays to increase my overdraft. I was turned down. For the perplexing reason of

"You demonstratively do not need any more on your overdraft"

I promptly went home, went overdrawn and will return again in two weeks massively in debt to request again.

Promoting sensible banking my arse. In debt and loving it.

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Serendipity said...

Money eh!
Who needs it?