Sunday, 16 November 2008

Pay Attention 007

I saw the new Bond film on Wednesday. I did not enjoy the last film, I spent all the time thinking - this is not Bond, where is the humour, the gadgets, the fun. Daniel Craig took the role seriously, it didn't work. Pierce Brosnan had fun, he knew what Bond was about in a way Bourne-watching Daniel Craig does not

I saw Quantum with a sense of trepidation. My dreads were confirmed in the first few minutes a spectacular car chase, which left me feeling flat for two reasons. Firstly, if Q was there we would have had rockets and invisibility and Bond would be driving the car with his ipod from Wales. Secondly, they broke the rules, innocent people died. The rule is that people involved die, not random people in the crowd or police officers.

They broke the rules that was wrong. Also who the hell builds hydrogen tanks into the wall of a hotel?

PS If it wasn't Bond it would have been an excellent film, as it was I expected Bond and did not receive it.

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