Sunday, 2 November 2008

McCain: The Only Choice

I support McCain. I cannot hide this, I do not want to hide this and feel annoyed that some people feel I should.

I was first interested by McCain's personal story. Son of an Admiral, captured in Vietnam, hideously tortured, yet refused to go home before his comrades who had been captured earlier than him. His life story demonstrated three key qualities grit, bravery and most importantly honour.

McCain is also the best of the speakers in this election. When he speaks he not only engages the audience, but he says more than vague and simple platitudes, he has substance - a message and a plan, to sort out America's problem and more importantly the idea as to what these problems actually are.

The selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate was the event of the election, an instant media event, a candidate with wit and charm, as well as practical executive experience, something all other candidates lacked.

Sarah Palin and John McCain represent the real America, not the liberal minorities on the West and East coasts, but the hardworking, religious people who believe in family and other traditional values. These are the people who "cling to guns and religion", and are permanently proudly of their country not just when they are elevated to a position would not even dream of. The middle America, upon whom the world relies and is the American Dream incarnate, this is where elections are won and lost.

Internationally I think John McCain will be better for the world, he can bring a steel to world politics, an experience and an almost innate ability to pick winning strategies, demonstrated when he backed the Iraq surge whose success was doubted, but whose success has made the Iraqi people safer.

I want John McCain to win, not just because I share his ideology, his faith in America, but I believe he can make us safer and that is what I want from a US president.

I'm Chris Smith and I approve this message.

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