Sunday, 23 November 2008

Lets keep up the speculation

Remember last September, Gordon Brown was on top form, solving crisis, announcing policy, he bestrode the political scene like a god. 9 months he lost Labour's 25th safest seat in a byelection. What started this switch in opinion was when he called off the uncalled election.

Now things are beginning to look the same. The pre-budget report tomorrow will look be populist and Brown's handling of the banking crisis means it looks good for an early election.

I want to ruin his party. The way I think we can it is by increasing election speculation, move the party onto an election footing, let it be known we expect an election in April, select the candidates, stoke the flames. Then when Brown has to respond to the speculation we are creating, it will be easy to spin it as bottling another election.

Or we could speak with one voice, unite behind Osborne and start attacking Labours' mismanagement of the economy for 11 years. Ken Clarke will not be Chancellor again, get used to it.

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