Tuesday, 18 November 2008

CF Elections

I have just read the press release from the NME.

This strikes at the heart of the problems of CF, far too many careerists, far too much emphasis on keeping out the membership, far too little thought and far too little democracy.

You cannot just vote to extend your term in office like this. It is the reason why CF is broken, it is why young activists do not want to get involved with CF, but stick to associations. It is all well and good talking about more NUS delegates, but when we are as sickeningly undemocratic as they are with their appointed delegates or pitiful turnouts (Bristol's turnout for NUS was less than 4%). I do not want to see the CF continue like this nationally.

CF is supposed to be about representing our views to the national party and giving us an equal voice. CF is failing a nationally, but locally we are successful.

We must strengthen locally, abandon the silly plan for regional chairman, retain the area chairman, hold the elections sooner if they will conflict with other elections.

Micheal Rock if you believe in your plans put them to us in a vote. If not stop trying to impose them.

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