Monday, 20 October 2008

My Greatest Achievement

This year has been an interesting one for me, I have achieved many things.

I have graduated from university.
I got my first proper job.
I now own a car and an associated debt.
I assisted in the setting up of a CF branch.
I even started blogging.

But my greatest achievement this year ironically took place last year, it just took me 10 months to notice.

I have achieved something that puts at the very pinnacle of humanity. An elite and select group of individuals who are recognised for this achievement everywhere they go. All men wonder at how they did it.

Yes that's right I was fired by McDonald's.

And here's the really amusing part I have now been fired twice!

Now I don't want to talk smack about my former employer, but anyone who has ever worked or been into a McDonald's (or just been within 500 yards) of one will tell this is quite an achievement.

I admit being fired once shows my character, being rehired and refired for the same problem shows theirs as well.

I'm thinking of getting a certificate made up.

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