Thursday, 2 October 2008

How to make Tax Unpopular

I got my first proper paycheck on Monday. I noticed with shock that the government had taken 31%. My first thought about this was annoyance, then after a few minutes it was acceptance.

My reaction annoyed me, why was I accepting it?

Why was 1.7% of my pay going to the government to pay for them to tax me!

Why was I working a day and a half to pay for social security for people who don't work and for a pension I won't receive!

I begin thinking about how to change my reaction from acceptance to revolt. To campaign for a smaller government instead of meekly accepting its bloated nature. So here is another policy idea.

Get rid of PAYE. If we had to pay tax as a lump sum we would realise just how much we pay and we could see what the individual could do with it instead. There would be a massive pressure from the middle classes to decrease government spending and hence decrease the money they have to actively hand over the government.

The only way to decrease tax is to become aware of how much we actually pay.

Ref - Wikipedia UK Budget 2008

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