Sunday, 19 October 2008


Been listening to the news from the EU and the the UK, about the reduction in carbon emissions. While I think we should conserve oil and reduce energy usage, it is a valid means of saving money, I, like the majority of the population, am unconvinced by the this climate change scare-mongering.

My mind has turned to how to deal with the environmental campaigners. While as an engineer I can argue the science, there are so many conflicting reports this is becoming futile and dangerous. (Not to mention most of the campaigners do not understand the science themselves.)

There is one solution, a derogatory nickname. The left has labelled us as neo-con, Thatcherite and Tory, it's our turn.

My suggestion is enviro-con - environmental conservative (or con-artist if you feel unkind). We need to get this word into the mainstream.

No longer Greenpeace, but an enviro-con campaign group.
No longer a climate change professor, but a leading enviro-con architect.

PS I realise how immature it is to resort to "name calling", but it works when the word is widely accepted and has negative connotations.

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