Sunday, 21 September 2008

Work-Life Balance

For the first time ever i have been having to seriously think about the above phrase means and how to use it practically. While I have plans, schedules and lists I have also been struck by a single thought.

Why is it not life-work balance?

Seriously is this not symptomatic of the problem we face with our lives. I have work, exams, travel, CF and a social life. I will also have ulcers and a stress medication prescription soon.

At lunch one day this week we were discussing who would be willing to look after children while their partner works. Shockingly a greater proportion of men were willing to do it than the woman.

Has feminism made being a stay at home husband acceptable? Or it is that woman have been told they can have it all and men are be better at achieving this elusive balance?

I do not know, I also do not know what my own reaction will be. I am just glad these options are becoming open.

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