Monday, 1 September 2008


Nick Webb on has commented on his blog about the Republican party and his reasons for opposing McCain and Palin. He has focused on two very important issues - gay marriage and gun control.

I have a lot of respect for Nick, he is one of the people who has impressed me the most during my time with CF, he does not hold his opinions lightly and brings an intellectual breadth and depth to his ideas I envy, but I disagree with his statements about John McCain.

"two men getting married to one another is perceived as a danger to society, but mass public ownership of fire arms is regarded as safe"

The problem is I agree with the first of these statements. I am not homophobic, I have no problem with gay relationships, but I disagree with gay marriage. Marriage is between a man and a woman and should be protected, centuries of tradition, religion and society should not be ignored by a government for trendy vote winning. This is not a popular opinion, but it is widespread.

This is not the only policy of the Republicans, they are the small government, low spending, American Party. McCain has the right idea on Iraq war supporting the surge which has proved successful, while Obama has flip-flopped on the issue and is so inexperienced he was not even in the senate when the war vote took place.

One of my main reasons for supporting McCain is I just don't like Obama. I am surprised that anyone in this country can support him! After 10 years of Blair why are we falling again for spin, vacuous promises, zero policies and no content from a professional politician. McCain is a war hero with a 20 year senate record against a single term senator who has done nothing outside politics. Palin has engaged corruption and vested interests and won, raised a family and has a spouse with personality, Joe Biden a man so lacking in personality he has to plagiarise Neil Kinnock!

I support McCain because I believe in what he stands for and he has demonstrated grit and ethics. I oppose Obama because I cannot tell what he stands for and he has achieved nothing with this political life yet.


Nick said...

reply on its way :-)

Chris said...

We should set up another blog and have a proper debate!