Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Slavery to be Taught in Schools

According to the BBC the slave trade will be a mandatory part of the curriculum from September. I am very pleased about this as a proper education about slavery and Britain role in it will dispel some myths.

1, The West Africa Squadron . A sixth of the Royal Navy dedicated to stopping slavers. 1600 boats captured and 150,000 slaves freed, as well as 4000 men died policing the Atlantic.

2, Bristol/Liverpool/London was a Slave Port. No slaves entered these ports or any other port in Britain. What was traded in these cities was cotton, sugar and other produce.

3, Africans Slave Trade. African leaders traded their people to the slavers, Africa hands are not clean of this vile act.

There are many more myths that students will have cleared up for them, after all the sessions won't just be Empire bashing and apologising will they?

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