Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Problem with Youth - What to Do

In a previous post I talked about the good work volunteers do and how we should leave youth work with to volunteer organisations and just support the men and women who give up their time.

But what support is required and what can be given?

Insurance - one of the major expenditures of any youth group. To protect the leaders of the group insurance is required, but is expensive a government run scheme would hopefully be cheaper, but would mean government interference in youth groups through inspection and additional paper work.

Child Protection - false accusation deter much needed potential leaders. A shakeup of the law criminalising false accusation, as well as providing training to leaders on how to avoid putting themselves at risk from these accusation would be useful. When I became an officer in the BB, a significant portion of the training focused on this, it also included information on how to spot abuse in children and dangerous behavior in other officers

Training Courses - If a local council could provide courses on cookery, first aid or sports this would ensure leaders were fully trained this would protect children and also ensure we could offer a better range of activities.

There are also other ideas and suggestions, which many leaders can contribute, but this is enough to start with.

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