Saturday, 23 August 2008

People Who Deserve to be Punished (Part 1)

This will be an irregular feature of people who have annoyed me during the day. I will use this blog as a way of venting against life's petty annoyances.

So the first winner of this illustrious award is....

The inventor of the self-checkout till.

Congratulations you saved Tescos the bother of employing a teenager who knows how to work a register to replace it with a pensioner who is unsure how the system works and ends up wasting the entires queues time by moving so slowly, spending 5 minutes trying to find the bar code of an apple or trying to get their card into the cash slot.

Now I really should be angry at the pensioners, but I won't. I had difficulty using these machines at first and it is not their fault technology has advanced so much. I am angry at the people who have tried to save a few pennies and as a byproduct wasted so much of my time waiting for other people who do have the faintest idea what they are doing.

Either get rid of the tills or introduce an licence to allow people to use them

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