Friday, 1 August 2008

Pentyrch By Election – Result

To follow up from my trip to Wales on Monday here are the results:

Conservative Hold

Alex Evans Lib Dem 97, 7.3% (-0.6%)
Ian Hughes Plaid Cymru 129, 9.6% (-10.1%)
Christine Priday Labour 542, 40.9% (+10.1%)
Craig Williams Conservative 554, 41.9% (+7.4%) (Elected)

Firstly Congratulations to both Criag for being elected and to Labour and the Tories for fighting such a close campaign. Such a close result really shows how hard politics is sometimes and well done to Criag and his team for holding on. I think this shows that any gain from Labour at the next election will be hard fought.

The Lib Dems and Plaid experienced a third party squeeze, but the positions stayed the same and the Lib Dem vote held up as did the overall vote with a good turnout.

PS. Thanks to Nick, I got the results from his site.

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