Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A Novel Method of Funding

In the last few days there has been a lot of talk about the funding of the British Olympic team and who gets the credit. I want to suggest a new way to fund Team GB.

A lot of charities allow you to donate a certain amount of money to buy something for a village in Africa i.e. from Oxfam, £50 for two goats or £24 for a teacher.

I suggest we do the same with the British team. £200 buys a helmet for a cyclist, £500 an oar for rowers. Imagine the pride as a sailor wins a gold and you can shout at the TV "Ben Ainslie won using my sail!".

By personalising your donations to the team you have a direct link to our 2012 team.

I'd be interested in buying ammo for the shooting team. What would you sponsor?


Nick said...

Hmmm this got me thinking....

how about one of those speed camera detection gizmos for Chris Hoy?

Some hay for one of the eventing horses?

Dancing lessons for Usain Bolt?

Steve Williams' rollocks?

Nick said...

....waterproof sat nav for David Davies?