Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Media and Clegg

Spotted this on the BBC News site, my first thought was "how did I miss that!". Turns out it is only for the Scottish leader, but the situation is bad when an avid politics fan seriously thinks their may be a Lin Dem leadership contest he hasn't heard of.

This brings a serious problem with the Lib Dems, the only time they seem to get serious coverage is during leadership elections, but they cannot seriously consider having four leaders in a single parliament.

How do the Lib Dems fight the two party media squeeze? My suggestion is gimmicks. This is how Cameron got his first serious (and positive) coverage of the party, the visit to Greenland, the picture of the Huskies, vote blue go green, Dave the Chameleon. It was all a gimmick, but it got press time. Once we had the time, we could say how the party had changed, say what our policies were, but we needed that airtime and it took us nearly a year to get it.

Only when the Lib Dems have a profile can they begin saying what their party is for, and only then can they fight the squeeze.

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