Monday, 18 August 2008

Labour’s Bad Aim

Today Yvette Balls (nee Cooper) attacked Conservative economic policy in the Guardian. I was very surprised by this attack, but as Iain Dale has done an excellent job destroying her article, I shall not comment upon its flaws.

I shall instead focus upon her choice of target. The economy is not doing well, each week there seems to be a new piece of bad news, from increasing unemployment, government borrowing and inflation, to decreasing tax revenue and growth prospects.

I do not understand why anyone would choose to fight here. Any reference to the 1990’s can be dismissed as Cameron wasn’t around, while simultaneously a parallel can be drawn with what is happening today.

If Labour want to attack us there are plenty of other areas – social justice, education or start asking questions about the NHS in 30years (this is difficult area and could be the most divisive political event coming).

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