Saturday, 30 August 2008

It's Now McCain's to Win

After watching the American election for the last few weeks I have struck by one thing. How badly Obama is doing. Neck and Neck with McCain, discontented Hilliary supporters and a tiredness from voters with his message. His campaign is failing

After the (almost totally) positive reaction to the selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate I was just struck by the thought that in a normal year Obama would win the White House (with the economy stalling and problems in Iraq and Afghanistan), Yet he has not capitalised. Obama should win the election, but if McCain fights hard he can win it, and he dosen't stike me as a quitter.


Nick said...

>(almost totally) positive reaction

When people read some of her views it may be slightly less "almost totally"

Chris said...

Yes noticed that today - the anti-gun, pro-abortion brigade. People are even accusing her daughter of being pregant and her hiding it.

Some people say she is bad, I think they are scared

Nick said...

That was an unpleasant angle to take, though I understand the daughter is pregnant anyway! (on the plus point she's called Bristol)

That isn't the issue though. Sarah Palin's stance on a number of political issues is the problem.