Thursday, 7 August 2008

Is there a point to Labour?

Before you read this please understand this is not a short term assessment to the next election or the one beyond that. This is questioning whether the Labour party will be one of the two main parties in British politics in 30 years.

“The object of these measures is to enable the people ultimately to obtain the Socialisation of the Means of Production, Distribution, and Exchange, to be controlled by a Democratic State in the interests of the entire Community, and the Complete Emancipation of labour from the Domination of Capitalism and Landlordism, with the Establishment of Social and Economic Equality between the Sexes.”

The above is the introduction of the 1900 Labour Party Manifesto. Over the last 40 years the two key objectives of this first manifesto have disappeared, the Labour has abandoned socialism and equal rights between the sexes and minorities, has been achieved a question has to be asked.

Is there a purpose to the current Labour party or will it, like the old Liberal party, gradually disappear with decreasing representations and vote share. After all many voters are now asking what is the point of the Labour party without socialism, a Labour party which ignores the poor.

I believe over the next 30 years Labour and the Lib Dems will fight hard to be the main “Left” wing party. If Labour hold off the Lib Dems then they will have a stay of execution before the Lib Dems return a few years later to try again, as they did after their formation in the 80’s.

The next election promises to be an interesting one and will indicate the direction of this fight. One of the main issues will not be the rights of workers, but the wrongs of non-workers and whichever of the parties can convince the Labour working class supporters they have the answer to this question will gain a massive advantage in the upcoming fight.

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