Sunday, 17 August 2008

From a Future History Book

“The 2008 NATO - Russia War (colloquially known as the Georgian Escalation) lasted 6 months before the final battle of Moscow ended. The final death toll was measured in tens of thousands and Europe once again lay in tatters after a bloody war and was being rebuilt with American money.

The Third Battle of the Atlantic almost brought starved Britain, while the bombings and destruction across the continent lead to thousands of civilian deaths from lack of food, or just collateral damage.”

No, I can’t see us fighting this war, but this is what a war with Russia will mean.

NATO was founded when there was a true threat to Europe and France, Britain Turkey and Germany knew they had to band with the USA to present a united front to Russia or they would be picked off one by one.

NATO cannot not fight to protect Georgia as we have too much to lose, this is why Georgia is not in NATO.

NATO is not powerless, but has no mission, no binding threat. We must decide what we want NATO to do. Is it purely to protect against threats from Russia or terrorists, or should it be an “aggressive” organisation seeking to promote democracy and human rights across the globe.

NATO is in a midlife crisis, and is searching for a role. The Georgian crisis has demonstrated this, we must work together to decide what happens next.

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