Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Dark Knight Review

Yesterday I finally went to see the new Batman film. It was worth the wait.

The action scenes, from the starting car park fight to the finale against the Joker, contained the right mix of aggression and cinematography which has been missing in many recent comic book adaptations (Superman Returns, X Men 3) The chase scene followed by the flipping of the lorry were breath taking and fast paced, but were too clean and organised in composition and did not really capture any of the chaos which it tried to elicit.

I also think Heath Ledger stole the show and made the film about the Joker, he gave a truly disturbing performance which lingered after I had left the cinema. The humour of his character only served to add more to his performance and provided a contrast and emphasis to his madness.

However, the overall story line about the how one bad day can turn even the most upstanding citizen was too rushed and could have started earlier in the film as the romantic relationship between Rachel and Bruce was wasted and with the change of actress became frankly ridiculous

I really enjoyed this film and may have to see it again soon.

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