Thursday, 24 July 2008

“When I hear the word culture, I reach for my remote”

I know this will sound strange, but we do not see enough ballet on TV. The graceful movements of this most technical of disciplines are missing from our screens. We also do not see enough true theatre, concerts or opera. I know these activities are seen as elitist, but there is something very special about watching a performer who has devoted their life to master an art. The poise, control or emotions they project, it is an awesome experience to be in an audience of an expert in their craft.

This is a cry for recognition of true excellence, not celebrity born from lazy opportunism or press sensationalism, but for us as a nation to show true respect to people who have dedicated their lives to an art, with the only reward being the mastery of it.

Please support your local arts, there is true talent that must be celebrated.

Lobby the BBC. They are the public broadcaster, there not to pander our base instincts, but to educate and improve our lives. They do the Proms, but they must do more!

Stop buying Heat or other glossy which celebrate no-talent fame starved “Starlets”.

Culture is not limited to a few, but it is for everyone, please use your share.

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