Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Thoughts on the G8

Every year the leaders of eight of the world's most powerful countries meet up to discuss important issues. In the past these issues have included the price of oil, African poverty, climate change and world debt. This year they seem to be focused on food prices. A good important issue that is causing harm to almost everyone on the planet.

But as a casual observer (and someone who realises discussing these issues without China and India present is at best silly and at worse petty) the people who interest me the most are the protesters.

You know the sort, people who fly half way round the world to campaign against carbon emmissions, but they are always so much fun to watch. It is comic listening to these smug gits as they try to explain why we should listen to them, when they have managed to achieve precisely nothing in their lives against people who have been elected by population numbering in millions to represent their views.

It's why I always watch hoping there's going to be a riot so they can all get their heads smashed in as hopefully it will knock some sense into them.

I know the protestors have valid points but violence and ridicule of the only people in the world who can help is not the way to help.

Violence and Ridicule - Images taken from the BBC News Website

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