Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Raise the White Flag of War

Has Nick Clegg (Leader of the Liberal Democrats) admitted defeat against the Tories in the next election?

On Tuesday Clegg stated he was re-organising the party to target the 50 most vulnerable Labour:Lib Dem marginal. However after looking at the 100 best targets for the Lib Dems from the ukpollingreport website I found that 41 were current Labour seats requiring an average swing of 6.3%, while 56 are currently Tory seats requiring a slightly lower average of 5.7% (3 are SNP). On paper at least the best targets are Tory and even worse for the Lib Dems 13 of the 41 Labour seats will fall to the Tories first on a uniform swing.

With the Tories resurgent in the polls it this seems a sensible tactical choice to refocus against a struggling Labour party, but the almost admittance by the party leader they cannot hold off the Tories, must be devastating to the already low Lib Dem morale. The lack of Lib Dem activity has already been noticeable in Bristol and South Gloucestershire, with the disappearance of party activist from Filton and Bradley Stoke as well as Bristol Northwest and increased efforts to hold on to Chippenham, Bath and Cheltenham.

I honestly think yesterday’s speech by Clegg is a reason for all Tories activist to rejoice, with Labour on the run and the Lib Dems playing defensive battles in the marginals, the next election looks good.

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