Monday, 21 July 2008

Nuclear Hypocrisy

We have all sat round a pub table, when after a few drinks the talk turns from the usual light conversation to more weighty matters. One of the perennial topics of the past few years and one which I expect to continue to affect the world for many years is Iran.

I have often been called on to defend the consistency of my opinion that Trident should be renewed, but Iran should not be allowed nuclear weapons. A few of my more liberal friends refer to this as hypocrisy. I call it common sense.

I have two main arguments for this double standard, the first being we are a democracy and Iran is not. Iran does not hold free elections, to stand for election you must be approved by the Imams, this means that Iran is not democratic and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a despot and not a president.

My second argument is that the UK has not threatened to “wipe Israel from the map”.

My stance may seem like hypocrisy, but the UK and Iran are not the same and have completely different situations. We must treat Iran like the dangerous state it is.

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