Monday, 14 July 2008

An Interesting Idea

About a month ago I was chatting to the Hannah and Nikki in the flat and while watching the news the two of them came up with a very interesting proposition. It is the sort of idea which I like due to its eccentric nature and I had never heard this idea discussed before.

The idea is that the alcohol you can purchase at an off-licence is limited by your age, with anyone under 21 limited to a certain number of Alco pops and anyone over that age unlimited.

I like this idea as I think it is a great solution limiting young people to the weaker products until they are ready or accustomed to alcohol. As it is limited to shops the solution will not affect pubs and clubs.

I realise this scheme would be very difficult to enforce and one of the major problems is the lack of the one single age limit which would be very confusing, but I think it is this sort of idea deserves further consideration.

The main problem with this scheme is the fact it does not directly affect underage drinking, but by limiting what their peer group can legally buy hopefully, the problems associated with underage drinking can be curbed.

This is not the silver bullet to solve alcohol abuse, but these sort of counter-intuitive ideas must be considered if we are attempt to solve any of the complex social issues which afflict our society.

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