Friday, 25 July 2008

Glasgow East - Result

Congratulations to the SNP, they took discontent with the government and motivated the electorate to come out and vote for them. It is not easy to turn disaffection into votes so well done to John Mason, Alex Salmond and the rest of the SNP team.

I was pleased to the Tories went into 3rd and beat the Lib Dems, but not that the vote share fell. It could have been a tactical decision, with LD supporters being more tactical, only time and the polls will tell.

I think GB is wounded, but not fatally, with the recess coming up he should recover until the conference, but the party will be less forgiving and any mistake or another loss will see him removed. Expecting to see some discontented rumblings, but mostly Labour will put up a united front. Politics will now be on holiday until September. See the fun restart at the conferences.

Fianlly my prediction. I was dead wrong, I admit it. Only thing I got right was the Tories beating the Lib Dems, I shall now refrain from all betting until I can rig the result.

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