Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Day Trip to Wales

Yesterday I had a trip to Wales. The weather was gorgeous and so sunny and hot, it was absolutely perfect for a day at the beach. Unfortunately I spent it delivering leaflets.

Nick, Laura and I went down for the day to help Craig Williams who is standing in the Pentyrch By Election being held on Thursday July 1st
The ward was gained by the Conservatives in May, but the councillor has since had to stand down on the advice of his doctor. The standings in the ward in May were Con - 478, Lab - 429, PC - 275, LD - 110, IND - 99. A gain victory for the Tories by only 49 votes it also meant a closely contested race between Labour and the Tories and even thought the Lib Dems claim to be able to win it.

After a 10 minute drive I learnt something very interesting about Cardiff, Wales' largest and most important city - it has rural bits. This was quite a shock as I expected we would be leafletting a town, not spending ten minutes walking up and down hills trying to find homes. I also learnt that having a house name in Welsh and an address in English is not very helpful!

We spent the morning and afternoon trying to find all the homes before stopping of a wonderful pub - The Gwaelod Inn.
We also were able to meet the candidate and see parts of Cardiff as I ran to make my train.

It was a very enjoyable day put and I wish Criag good luck for Thursday.

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