Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Dark Knight: Memorial or Money Making?

The Dark Knight is the sequel to 2005 successful re-launch of the Batman film series. This film looks to be as good as the first and the trailer shows it looks to be an action smash fest and lots of fun.

The only blot for the film was the unfortunate death of one of the lead actors, Heath Ledger, from complications with prescription medication.

Since I watched the first film I have been waiting for the sequel, but after the death of the lead actor I was conflicted about whether I could watch it. The main concern I have was about the motives’ of the producers, are they trying to make money out of the death of one of the actors?

I have been thinking about this since I first heard of the tragedy. After some soul searching and watching of the trailers I came to my conclusion. I do not think the producers are trying to cash in on the death. The Joker does appear prominently in the trailer, but as the main villain he should.

In summary I believe the studio has struck a good balance on how to respond to Heath Ledgers death and he portrayed a genuinely scary Joker. However with the knowledge the actor died shortly after filming it may add an unwelcome chill to the viewing.

RIP Heath Ledger

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