Sunday, 27 July 2008

Can Labour Still Win the Next Election?

At first this may seem a facetious question, but I can see a scenario where they can and it all depends on Gordon's old brief - the economy. There could still be a deus ex machina in the form of a major conservative scandal, but weathering the Wintertons and Boris' ill judged appointments probably means nothing too big is waiting. (Famous Last Words).

If towards the end of the year some stability has entered the stock market and more importantly the commodities market. After all the main problem now is inflation from petrol, food and energy, this should mean house price recover.

If this happens a competent Labour machine could say, the short term hurt was worth it look was Gordon he achieved with the economy, he turned it around etc etc. With Labour on the road to recovery they could begin fund raising again.

In this case it may mean Labour can be the biggest party in a hung parliament.

I do not think it is a likely occurrence as the electorate have lost too much faith in Labour and like Major's last term too much has happened, but it is still a scary thought.

As they say "it's the economy stupid"

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