Friday, 20 June 2008

My Degree, My Career

I have just got my degree results, a 2:1 in Mechanical Engineering. I am really happy with this and can’t wait for graduation.

However, my first proper job come September will be as an accountant. Why have I spent 4 years and quite a lot of money gaining a masters degree and yet have then chosen to abandon engineering for accountancy?

My first though was money, but the pay is about the same between good engineering firms and good accountancy firms. Maybe working conditions were the reason, during the summer I spent in an accountancy firm I was sent from Cornwall to Heathrow, occasionally I would not get home till 7 or 8pm. Comparing this with the summer I spent in an engineering firm where I could always get home by 6pm and was able to work when I wanted to, the conditions at the accountancy firm were worse. (The accountancy firm was more fun, but more tiring as well!)

Then I hit on it: Respect. There is no respect for engineers in this country. I will expand on this point in a later post.

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